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Gym Workout

Coach Sports Psychology Training

One of the toughest jobs is being a high school coach.  Not only are they the face of the program, they are also responsible for putting out a competitive product while managing lots of student athletes throughout the different levels of the program.  Living The Dream Sports helps coaches with team and individual student athletes and their mental skills training.  We help coaches identify the barriers that teams face when it comes to team dynamics, team roles, leadership roles, common downfalls, team problem solving and barriers teams face during competition, communication, and teach them techniques to help them promote team and individual group that benefits the entire program as a whole.  


High School Athletics has changed so much over the past few years.  Student Athletes are facing new challenges when it comes to the daily grind.  Mental health awareness has been making its way through the elite professional sports and it's trickling down to the high school level. The struggles for student athletes to reach their true peak sports performance can be frustrating and mentally/emotionally draining. 


Living The Dream Sports can help High School Athletic programs navigate their student athletes, coaches and administration through all these challenges and barriers that happen in sports.  Whether it's a team or individual sport, there are many different challenges that each student athlete can face and be challenged with.  When it comes to team sports, team dynamics, communication, leadership and team roles, are a very complex system that can affect the entire team.  We strive to help everyone understand and recognize the barriers that athletes can face during practices and games.  We educate, research and offer solutions for these barriers and teach techniques to help overcome them.  Identifying potential barriers and training how to overcome them will help athletes achieve their fullest potential during competition.  Some of the barriers we talk about are fear of failure, pursuit of perfection, motivation, focus, loss of control, emotions, communication, self doubt, negative talk and pressure.  We focus on helping athletes and coaches recognize the signs of these barriers and teach them specific techniques and mental skills to face these head on and move forward conquering them while turning negative thoughts and habits into positive thoughts, skills acceleration, and opportunities to learn and improve.  

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