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Online Courses

Cognitive Coach Introduction (6 week course)

Our introductory course will help athletes identify and define barriers and pitfalls to their sports performances.  They will be taught techniques to overcome these potential barriers.  Self realization is an important component to these sessions. 


We want each athlete to feel safe talking about their experiences and challenges during these open discussion sessions, so we will have a zero tolerance for any athlete in these sessions who shares what is said outside of this group.  We have had amazing success with this not being a problem in past group settings.  

Each week we will concentrate on 1-2 topics of discussion.  Athletes should expect to have some homework outside of the sessions to help them achieve a better understanding of their sport performances, their strengths, areas for improvement and self assessments on the subjects we will cover.

Barrier topics that are covered: Fear of Failure, Pursuit of Perfection, Pressures, Focus, Strengths and Areas of Improvement, Goal Setting, Time management, and Motivation. 

Techniques that are covered: Mental Imagery/Visualization, Positive talk, Breathing/calming techniques, focus and time management techniques, and Opportunity Perspective

Upcoming Sessions

Introduction to Cognitive Coaching (Online)

     Sundays - March 26- April 30th    6:30-7:30pm    Ages: 13+      Cost- $85    Platform:  Zoom Meetings

     A complimentary and required Parents information session will be Sunday March 19th at 6:30pm. 

Parents will get a look into what their young athlete will be discussing and working on during the Cognitive Coaching sessions. Parents that are unsure can attend the complimentary informational meeting before making the decision about enrolling in the sessions.  To find out more or to enroll your athlete in the sessions, please contact Derick Snell at

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