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Derick's experience and love for sports began at an early age.  During his high school career Derick developed a passion for sports psychology. I wanted to understand why some players were really good and why others tended to plateau.  I was curious what made certain players "pressure" players when others would fold up like a lawn chair with the game on the line.  That is when he figured out that the more elite type of athletes had certain characteristics and work ethic that helped them achieve a higher level of competition.  
*Owner of Living The Dream Sports (2012-Present)
*Varsity Pitching coach at STMA High school (2021-Present)
*B Squad  baseball Coach Elk River High School(2016-2020)
*9th Grade coach Becker High School (2012-2015)

*Volunteer Director of Baseball Operations at St Cloud State University(2008-2013)
*Director of Baseball Operations for the Starz of Tomorrow Baseball Academy(2009-2012)
*Instructor for the Minnesota Twins Youth Camps(2009-2018)
*Collaborating with many baseball professionals in the industry
*Holds two Sports Psychology Certificates and focuses on the mental side of baseball
*Worked with many youth baseball programs including Becker, Big Lake, Brooklyn Park, Elk River, Monticello, Champlin Park, and others.
Derick's approach to baseball is a bottom up approach.  You have to start with your young baseball players and have a consistent development plan, not only for the players, but also for the coaches, parents, and youth baseball associations.  Teaching the game of baseball and the "little" things is what matters to Derick.  

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