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About Us


At Living The Dream Sports we believe that each player brings certain hitting strengths to the table.  Our hitting philosophy is very simple, we want to put players in the best position to achieve hard contact as line drives.  The goal is to make this a consistent repetitive sports motion over and over.  We teach a team approach with batting.  It's always about what the player can do in order to move runners and score runs.  We use terms like, see it hit it, up the middle back side, gap-gap, 3 and 1, 0-2 etc.  Each of these has a great purpose when you step in that batters box.  Hitting is all about the acronym BAT.

B= Balance

A= Approach

T= Timing

As everyone knows, the only job in which you fail more, might be predicting the weather.  To say that if you succeed and get a hit 3 out of 10 at bats, seems like a failing venture.  In truth, it is.  However in the game of baseball it can also earn you a hefty paycheck. 


Our Story

Everyone has their own philosophies on coaching hitting.  We fully embrace the individuality of each player and their athletic abilities.  We take those and blend our hitting philosophies with that and we get the best results.  Our experience in baseball has taught us there are certain aspects that have to happen in a baseball swing in order for the player to barrel up the ball and hit a line drive.  Our goal is to develop a consistent mechanical swing so players will have success with barreling the ball up on the bat resulting in a hard hit ball. Second, we strive for the correct bat path that will generate more line drives.  Rotational hitting is the core of our hitting philosophies.  

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