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The Legends Fall/Winter development program is aimed at teaching players 14u + how to play baseball through "Old School" philosophies with an updated twist on drill work, mechanics and the mental side of baseball.

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Mental Training


A great player once said, "90% of baseball is mental, the other half is physical.  Thanks Yogi for such a great quote.  This is not an understated message.  If you think about a two hour baseball game, approximately 25 minutes of that is live baseball action. That means that there is a lot down time.  This down time is important for players to be thinking about the upcoming pitch and the scenerios that can happen.  You have to learn to keep your focus and most of all, if something doesn't go your way or you don't make a play you were supposed to, you need to keep your head up. 

During our winter training, players will go through classroom training on the history of baseball, watch game film, learn how to chart, go through sports therapy, learn sports psychology techniques to take them to the next level, and will enjoy some chalk talks by special guests who will share their experiences in baseball. 

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Fall Baseball Season


Our players will enjoy a 10 game fall baseball season in the Gopher State league. Teams will have one team practice a week, and a couple opportunities during the week to get some extra baseball practice in.  These weekday practices will be focused on our hitting philosophies. 

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Phone: Derick Snell 763-244-9442


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