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Cognitive Coaching is the best way for youth, high school and college athletes to advance/enhance their skills training

If you look at the elite athletes in high school, college and the pros, they have something that most of their peers don't......superior psychological/mental training in their sport.  Just like skills training, the mental side of sports needs to be taught, developed, nurtured and practiced if you want to reach your true full potential as an elite athlete.  If a player trains and learns their specific sport physical skills set and combines that with advanced psychological/mental training, they truly become a complete athlete.  


Living The Dream Sports owner, Derick Snell has worked with youth, high school and college level athletes in the Twin Cities and outstate MN for over 25 years. He has worked with athletes in classroom/individual/team setting sessions on fear of failure, the pursuit of perfection, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, motivation techniques, use of mental imagery, breathing and calming techniques, goal setting, building confidence, focus strategies, identifying pressure and what causes it,  resiliency, leadership and opportunity perspectives, along with sport specific strategies to enhance the players mental skill sets. 


Derick's training includes an educational background in Psychology (community psychology with an emphasis in chemical dependency from St Cloud State University, Sports Psychology Certificate from the Spencer Institute, Certification of Sports Psychology from National Exercise and Sports Science Association, Sports Management Certification form Columbia University, along with numerous certifications in skills training from Rapsodo and Driveline, etc. Derick's coaching resume includes coaching baseball (college, high school, youth), Wrestling (high school and youth), Softball (youth), Golf (all ages), and basketball (youth).

Besides training athletes, Derick believes that parent and coach education is an essential tool that not only helps the parents and coaches understand the complexities that are associated with sports performance from the mental side of the game, it also promotes the growth of the athletes. Derick has helped many parents and coaches realize what strategies are out there to help their athletes achieve a higher level of performance and how to identify and not become one of the common fitfalls or barriers that prevent their athlete from achieving their full potential.

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Living The Dream Sports mission statement is simple: to put athletes, coaches, parents, and organizations in the best position(s) to succeed.


Cognitive coaching/Sports Psychology is becoming an essential tool for those athletes, teams, coaches and organizations to help reach their peak performance.  

What can sports psychology do for you?

*Enhance confidence in athletes

*Teach athletes how to identify

Fear of Failure

Pursuit of Perfection

Pressure and where it comes from


Strengths and Weaknesses

Goal Setting

Stressors of the game


How to deal with success

*Teach techniques like:

Mental imagery

Breathing/Calming Exercises

Focus Strategies

Time management

Sport Tactics

Private 1 on 1 Sessions

If you want the best personalized training, 1 on 1 private sessions are available to help you advance quickly at your own pace.  Offered in person or online

Team and Group

Get the most out of team and group cognitive sports coaching sessions.  Offered in person and online

Football Fans

Parent Education

Parents, you have a huge impact on your athlete.  Find out what you can do to help and recognize common pitfalls parents fall into that hinder their athlete from reaching their true full potential.

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