Legends Program

The Legends program is the highest level of training for our Fall/Winter training programs.  This program is aimed at getting players ready for their High School season while teaching them college level baseball training.  Our program prides itself in giving the players an unique experience unmatched by any other club team program.  We have a tradition with our Legends group taking them down to Kansas City each year giving them the ultimate college experience.  For instance we all load up in MN and head down in a 15 passenger van together, stopping at local restaurants to get our value meals, we sleep 4 to a room, and to top things off we also visit some college baseball programs on our way down.  

The first year we went down we prepped ourselves by having Frank White with the MN Twins RBI program and Negro League Historian prep us on the Negro League and the history it had in MN.  We then went down and visited the Museum in Kansas City and saw some great history and even got about an hour of story telling by the owner of the Museum who know a famous pitcher from this League (Satchel Paige).  

We also have a great coaching staff that believes in our philosophies of teaching the players the principles and  intricacies of the game.  Our staff includes over 150 years of coaching experience with connections to college and professional programs.